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In the year 1986 a single preparatory concern by the name universal eco bags was founded by Mr. K.J. Thomas. The organisation was basically in the operational spears of paper trading and note book manufacturing. The organisation was managed by Mr, Thomas himself. The business continued for more than a decade and an innovative idea beyond the market's thought process evolved that was paper bags. As a result of prudent research Mr. Thomas understood the practical efficacy of paper bags and the gap prevailing in the market, but the only pursuing problem was the non-availability of equipment or an apparatus which can manufacture paper bags at a low investment cost. His engineering skills didn’t become futile he found out new machinery which makes paper bags on a fast phase than handmade paper bags. The machine is under pending patency and in the year 2008 and to formalise it the company was Christianised as Bio Way Packs Pvt Ltd and was incorporated in the year 2011.


Bio way packs private ltd is  a social enterprise which is indulged in the activity of paper bag manufacturing process which involves engineering of machines which are necessary for the process, distribution of raw materials necessary for the sector, imparting training for potential incumbents who are interested in the specific segment, facilitating manufacturing partners to market their finished products. These activities create a distinct identity in the realm of industrial development especially in SME sector.  We are being considered as a social enterprise due to different factors such as, we work not just for profit but also for a social cause , we also work on a eco-friendly platform, Our business ideology is to progress with nature and sustainable development through people participation. We identify areas where people have lower income ratios and struggling to have a smooth lively hood, we train them to be part of this lucrative industry and enable them to be an entrepreneur of themselves. This enhances their revenue ratios without creating damage to the earth's sky or crust.


Bag master is a brand under Bio way packs pvt ltd and the machineries are under the same brand. Bio way packs has a wider spectrum of business thoughts and currently bio way packs promotes e- platforms for purchasing of paper bags. Bag master is handling all the machines and equipment necessary for paper carry bag industry.  Bio way packs stretches its initiative on a pan India basis where a plastic alternative is the need of the hour especially with regard to one time used plastic materials out of that the major chunk is plastic carry bag. As environment awareness grows the paper bag industry leaps the growth rates and evades the bounds of progression.


This is perfect time to step into paper bag making business because of the ban imposed on use of plastic bags in various states of India. Government is taking necessary steps in educating people about hazards of plastics and related materials, and in many states of India we see that use of paper carry bags have overtaken plastic bags. Bag master enables the general public in different walks of life to get indulged in the  business opportunity of  manufacturing of paper bags around the globe so as to protect their lively hood as well as secure the nature from global warming due to the use of non bio degradable one time use plastics.

In this comprehensive researched business plan, you will get clear understanding of the following points:-

  • Scope and opportunity in this business
  • How to start paper bag manufacturing unit
  • What types of machines are required in manufacturing
  • Requirements of raw material
  • Detailed information on paper bag manufacturing process
  • Profit margin in this business
  • Business promotion and marketing strategy


In this time, paper bags have become style statement for the people of India and abroad. The demand of eco-friendly paper bag is rising at exponential rate throughout the county and it will continue to rise in coming years. Tier-1 cities of India such as Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, etc. have already banned the use of plastic bags. In coming years, they are going to extend the boundaries and will impose ban of all cities of India. With these entire current scenarios, these aspects clearly envisage scope and opportunity in this business. Apart from all this, paper carry bags are cheap and it plays important role in clean environment and it is easily recyclable as compared to hazardous plastic carry bags. This is very great opportunity to earn profit from this business and save the environment at the same time. 


In this section, you will get an idea on how to start paper bag manufacturing unit. We will discuss various points in this section such as location selection, raw materials and machines required for manufacturing, etc.

Location selection:

The main advantage of bag master methodology of paper bag manufacturing is that location is not a deterrent factor to establish this specific industry; we have modelled different methods which will customise the operational paten according to the geographical location. The inherent nature bag master methodology is that a kitchen space is enough to install a lucrative money making industry.

Paper bag making machines 

Bag master is specialised in modular machines which can be placed in less than 150 Sqft. one unit consist of paper cutting machine (Two types), paper creasing machine (Two measurements), eyeleting machine (two types), screen printing machine (Two types) these machines eases the work and fastens the manufacturing process at the least capital intensive method available in the market nationally and inter nationally.



It is time to rethink of using products which harm nature and further paper bags work to create a more sustainable world, naturally contributing to slowing climate change. The major characteristic of paper bag encompasses natural compostable characteristics; paper bags do not harm any sea life. They are a key factor in developing the brand image of shops. They are appreciated by consumers who now have a better understanding of the benefits of using paper. The world is changing and thought processes are changing the communities have started to rethink.


Paper bags have a low climate impact

All industrial activity impacts the environment. A Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) can work as a tool for measuring the environmental performance of different products and processes. One of the environmental impact categories is Global Warming Potential (GWP). It describes how much global warming a given type and amount of greenhouse gas may cause, using the functionally equivalent amount or concentration of CO2 as a benchmark.

IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute has conducted a study on the greenhouse gas emissions caused by the production of different paper and plastic bags. The conclusion was that paper bags (produced with virgin fibres or recycled fibres) have a remarkably low impact on GWP compared to Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) bags (produced with renewable or recycled LDPE)

Paper bags are recyclable and biodegradable

A cellulose fibre from a paper product can be recycled up to six times before it is turned into bioenergy or being composted at the end of its life cycle. Recycling paper means reducing polluting emissions produced by landfills.


 Recovered paper cannot be efficiently used in all paper grades, nor can it be used indefinitely. Paper recycling needs to continuously incorporate a certain amount of fresh fibres for three main reasons:

Strengthcellulose fibre deteriorates each time it is recycled.

On occasions where strength is required, a paper bag made of natural kraft paper which has major benefits:

Due to the natural kraft paper’s long and strong virgin fibres, it has a high level of mechanical strength. Lower weights of paper can be used while maintaining the same strength.  It can be reused several times thanks to its good quality and design.

if a paper bag were to mistakenly end up in nature, it would not harm the land or the oceans. As a natural product, it is biodegradable within two to five months without harming the environment, unlike other shopping bags that can take more than 400 years to decompose.

Paper bags are reusable

Experience shows that consumers reuse paper bags for different purposes or use them for their next shopping trips.

The ITENE Packaging, Transport & Logistics Research Centre developed a method to assess the reusability of paper bags. The results of the validation show that, regardless of the type of handle, paper bags are reusable, both for textile and for other uses. They withstood several endurance tests which, depending on the paper bag reuse being validated, changed in terms of times and weight per bag

The bag full of emotions

  • Distribution is a clear example of values such as commitment, personalisation and proximity in order to efficiently satisfy your customers. Paper bags reaffirm those values because they present unique features and benefits for the consumer.
  • Paper bags create emotional links between the retailer and their customers since, when they reuse the bag; they often use it to carry their personal belongings.
  • Using paper bags also involves giving a clear signal of commitment to the environment: by using packaging made from renewable, recyclable and biodegradable sources and collaborating effectively in reducing the use of non-biodegradable shopping bags and promoting greater environmental education.

The bag that is the centre of attention

  • Paper bags are an excellent vehicle to project the brand image of retailers, achieving maximum visibility within their environment and generating great appreciation from customers.
  • Paper bags allow great creativity and development of the brand image due to their shape, texture and print quality.
  • The paper bag is an inexpensive advertising medium which is available to all businesses and is very effective in making an impact throughout the city.



Shopping bags are used by retailers to protect customer purchases and to make them easier to transport.

A bag must fulfil the following functions as packaging:

  • Have adequate capacity to safely carry the volume of goods that have been purchased
  • Be strong enough to support the weight of the goods inside whilst being able to withstand the rigours of transportation
  • Be a good medium to support your brand equity. Paper has many favourable characteristics. Paper is very tactile and its stiff surface allows for excellent printability and colour reproduction
  • Be well adapted to the social and legal values of the environment in which it will be used, given that it is a very visible part of the corporate social responsibility that a retail brand can develop.


Most convincing factors for customers

Dispense truly sustainable bags

Support a new consumer culture

Improve delivery of purchases

Advertise with imagination

Remain in the minds of buyers

Demonstrate social responsibility


The impact of the right material

A strong and durable bag is a real asset to a retailer. It protects the goods, reduces waste and saves money. The key to performance lies in the material and the construction of the bag.


Strong kraft papers

Kraft paper is an excellent choice for carrier bags that must withstand heavy loads. It is especially developed for demanding packaging and is made from slow-growing spruce and pine from sustainably managed forests or otherwise cultivated in a commercial basis. The long fibres of these trees result in papers with high strength and durability.


Construction is important

The tests and analyses that have been carried out show that constructive elements affect the paper bag’s performance. The choice of glue and a proficient construction of the handles add to the bag’s strength and durability.







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