CSR Initiative


  India is an emerging economic power with its rapidly growing industrial and service sector. In such a scenario it is important for businesses in India to accept social responsibility and work towards an empowered nation and its people. Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR is one of recent and most important regulation implemented by the government which will have a far reaching impact on the overall growth of the society.

CSR in India, although not a new concept is largely confined to the philanthropic space; the give-back to the society is voluntary and only after the profits is made. Some businesses have however shifted gears by contributing to education, health, cultural and research activities and community development programmes.

In this background 'BAGMASTER' Kerala is proposing a project on Eco-Friendly sustainable project for “CSR with the theme Building Partnerships for Social Growth” .

We welcome partnership with corporates and other organisation for this noble cause.

What our client says

I have been using bag master for six years and getting good orders from market . I am happy with the services

-Alice /(Refer video ACV for live demo and interview with Alice.)

My wife purchased bag master machine and we have good orders.Now I am associating with bag master in their training programs.Now I had an experience of five years.

-Aji / Customer

We purchased this machine after attending the skill training of bag master organised by kudumbasree..and we have good orders as well.

- KudumbaSree Unit