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                           SPEND LESS EARN MORE   Install "BAG MASTER" to Bag More profit

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Exporters and those who seek self employment. Demand for paper carry bags is increasing all over the world. You can either export or sell the product in the domestic market. International quality paper carry bags can be made with a "Bagmaster NANO."

A neat and tidy paper bag needs nine precise foldings to attain and maintain its 3D shape. Six vertical and three horizontal.

Heavy Duty punching machines have been used to make these folding marks until the launching of our "Bagmaster NANO".

A three-phase connection, setting up a factory, sanctions from various authorities, availability of skilled operators, investment, all these and other hidden factors scared a new entrepreneur from setting up a paper carry bag industry.


           BAG MASTER NANO
Electricity : 3 phase. 3.H.P.
Single phase 1/4 H.P.
Space : A separate enclosed area
approved by various authorities. Fixed.
You can place bagmaster even in your
bedroom. Portable
Operator : Skilled operator is a must.
Ladies, old aged, handicapped, even a
child can operate as a hobby


Speed : Fixed speed Only and expert
can cope up with its speed
A speed control provided similar to the
accelerator in a motor car.
Sound / pollution pounding sound
Similar to that of a ceiling fan.
Weight: More than 1,000 kg
Price : Starting from 3.5 lakh
The Low priced creasing machine can mfg
.costeffctive paper bags
Paper size feeding : Suitable only for
small size paper bags.
Suitable up to 41” paper width.
Convince yourself the performance and advantages of Bagmaster, Book-your
order to the 
nearest Distributor or dealer.

What our client says

I have been using bag master for six years and getting good orders from market . I am happy with the services

-Alice /(Refer video ACV for live demo and interview with Alice.)

My wife purchased bag master machine and we have good orders.Now I am associating with bag master in their training programs.Now I had an experience of five years.

-Aji / Customer

We purchased this machine after attending the skill training of bag master organised by kudumbasree..and we have good orders as well.

- KudumbaSree Unit