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In 1986, a sole proprietorship named Universal Eco Bags was established by Mr. K.J. Thomas. The company was mainly engaged in paper trading and notebook production. The company was managed by Mr. Thomas himself. The business continued for more than a decade, and an innovative idea developed that went beyond the thought process of the market: paper bags. As a result of prudent research, Mr. Thomas recognised the practical effectiveness of paper bags and the gap that existed in the market, but the one problem he still pursued was the lack of equipment or device that could produce paper bags at a low investment cost. His engineering skills weren’t in vain, he found a new machine that produces paper bags faster than handmade paper bags. The machine is patent pending and in 2008 the company was renamed Bio Way Packs Pvt Ltd and incorporated in 2011.

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Bag Master is a registered trade mark brand under Bio way packs pvt ltd and the machines are under the same brand. Bio way packs has a wider range of business ideas and currently Bio way packs is promoting e-platforms for buying paper bags. Bag Master takes care of all the machinery and equipment necessary for the paper carrier bag industry. Bio way packs is extending its initiative across India where a plastic alternative is the need of the hour, especially in view of the plastic materials used uniquely, the majority of which are plastic carry bags. As environmental awareness is growing, the paper bag industry is leapfrogging the growth rates and evading the limits of progression.

Bio way packs private ltd is a social enterprise engaged in the production of paper bags. This includes the development of machinery necessary for the process, the distribution of raw materials necessary for the sector, the mediation of training for potential entrepreneurs interested in the specific segment and the support of production partners in the marketing of their finished products. These activities create a distinct identity in the field of industrial development, especially in the SME sector. We are considered a social enterprise due to several factors: We work not only for profit but also for a social cause, we work on an environmentally friendly platform, our business ideology is progress with nature and journey development through people’s participation. We identify areas where people have lower income and struggle to live smoothly, we train them to become part of this lucrative industry and enable them to be entrepreneurs themselves. This increases revenue streams without harming the sky or the earth’s crust.


NSDC Training & Courses

Paper Bag Technician

Paper bag making skill development

This is NSDC ( National Skill Development Council) certified course for paper bag technician. The mentioned program is focused on the development of paper bag industrialists. This is an upcoming course and will be institutionalized shortly

Paper Bag Entrepreneur

Paper bag supplier training from bagmaster

Bag master is on the process of developing training programs certified by the national skill development council. the mentioned program is focused on the development of paper bag industrialists. This is an upcoming course and will be institutionalized shortly.


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Unique spirit—environment promise, social change, innovation, media revolution.​

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