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Paper bag new out look

It’s time to rethink the shopping culture in which we are getting transformed. In a post COVID world people tend to become reluctant to go to shopping malls and experience shopping spree, people will now mostly depend on e-commerce or online portals for shopping. So there is little space for the brand to showcase the product range, now the question here remains how to portray their product range especially on a print media which will be there in the eyes of the customer unless the printed medium is destroyed.

Depending on newspaper is an old fashioned ideology the reason is that the life of advertisement in the paper remains for about 4 to 5 hours but think of a paper bag with some high aesthetic outlook will remain for days and each time there is a chance for him or her to have a look at the portrayed products. This scenario creates a new podium for advertisements which has got a higher life span than the existing print mediums.

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