paper bag manufacturers in kottayam

Eco Friendly and sustainable

Paper bags have amazing advantages in terms of environmental friendliness. They work to create a more sustainable world because they are natural and biodegradable, they are reusable and recyclable, their raw material is sourced from sustainably managed forests, and they store carbon dioxide (CO2). The environmental symbols created by The Paper Bag help companies demonstrate their environmental responsibility, promote the sustainability credentials of paper bags, and share them with consumers. Due to their natural compostable characteristics, paper bags degrade in a short period of time (two to five months).

Unlike past, the perception that paper means deforestation, today paper, and paper bags largely are not made from the tree rather uses eco-friendly solutions like-Sugarcane waste (Bagasse): today paper is manufactured from the pulp waste that is left after sugar is made from sugarcane. Straw: Yes, paper can be made from straw fibers too and if it is implemented effectively in rural India, it can encourage farmers not to burn crops rather sell the straw for a price. Jute twine is used to make high-quality writing and specialty paper. Coconut husks are usually discarded but the fine is now being used to create a paper with a thick texture.

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